Paula C. Henderson

Paula is a nutritionist and author who makes her home in Las Vegas, Nevada.   

She is the author of several Gluten and Dairy Free books:


Gluten and Dairy Free Grocery List:

Gluten & Dairy Free Living Recipes:

Summer Body Recipes (gluten and dairy free): 

Lettuce Amaze You (also all gluten and dairy free):

Healthy Choices, Healthy You: 

She has several published articles and recipes featured on FEAST

Checkout Paula's next project. Some time back a discussion started on the lack of statues honoring a named woman. Women that contributed something. I decided to research each and every state to findstatues, historical markers, namesake buildings and more that are in honor of a woman. You can get involved yourself by letting us know of a site in your area that honors a woman. 


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 A guide book to finding statues and historical sites that honor women in the United States.

Format: Kindle Ebook


Pages:  Approximately 800 pages

Publication Date: February 2020

*just in time for Womens History Month in March!

Pre-ordered paperback copies will be signed by the author.


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