Beta Carotene

Best Food Sources


RDA: There is no recommended daily allowance for beta carotene.

The human body converts beta carotene into vitamin A (retinol)

We need vitamin A for healthy skin, our immune system, good eye health and vision. 

Beta carotene in itself is not an essential nutrient, but once the body turns the beta carotene into Vitamin A, it is essential!

Rich sources of Beta Carotene:

  • · Apricots
  • · Asparagus
  • · Cantaloupe
  • · Carrots
  • · Collards
  • · Fresh Parsley
  • · Grape Leaves: do a search on your favorite recipe site on how you might incorporate these in the occasional meal!
  • · Green Peas
  • · Kale: fresh and frozen chopped kale
  • · Mustard Greens ( leafy green)
  • · Onions
  • · Romaine Lettuce
  • · Spinach
  • · Sweet Potatoes (high carb food alert)
  • · Turnip Greens

Knowing the body converts beta carotene into Vitamin A. It should be stated that excess Vitamin A is toxic so supplements are not suggested, but rather sources from food. Talk to your doctor and follow your doctors instructions if they differ from anything else you read here or otherwise for your own health needs.


THIS HAS BEEN An excerpt from my book "Healthy Choices, Healthy You"