Cruciferous Free Slaw

Gluten free | Dairy Free | Nightshade Free

If you are avoiding raw cruciferous vegetables like cabbage you can still have slaw with your cookouts and fish taco's.

Make the slaw as you normally would but replace the cabbage with thinly sliced Iceberg Lettuce. This will not hold up as long as the very firm cabbage leaves but it will last a few hours and taste just like a traditional slaw.

Be sure to use a knife to slice thin strips of iceberg, not a grater.  Use the grater for your carrots though.


Asian Slaw

Nice to mix it up sometimes and make an Asian Slaw instead of an American Slaw. 

Whether you use traditional cabbage or an iceberg lettuce you can definitely give slaw an Asian flare.

Cabbage (or Iceberg) and carrot are your basics. But when making Asian slaw try adding things like cucumber, Snow Peas, and chopped scallions.

Also, try using Rice Wine Vinegar with your mayo when making the dressing and add a dash of Soy Sauce, Coconut Aminos or Sesame Oil. 

To really set off an Asian Slaw add peanuts right before serving.