New to Gluten/Dairy Free eating?


Start A Master Food List

You are probably wondering, what can I eat? Creating your own Master Food List will begin to ease your anxiety. 

I suggest dividing it into the sections of your grocery store which you will find the benefit when you are grocery shopping. 

This does not need to be a big one time consuming project. Just jot items down as you think of them, as you read through this site, or do what I did; take your notebook with you and jot items down as you walk through the departments of your own grocery store.

If you want a head start you can purchase my booklet and then add to it;


Start Your Own List of Gluten and Dairy Free Dishes

Of course this all depends on how you prepare foods but there are dishes that, generally speaking, are gluten and dairy free already. Some examples are:

  • Roasted Chicken
  • Meatloaf (you dont need to add breadcrumbs)
  • Pot Roast and vegetables
  • Gravy made with broth instead of milk
  • potatoes
  • All meat and seafood (not pre-breaded)
  • All vegetables and fruits 
  • Mushrooms, artichokes, olives, oil, vinegar.
  • Rice, corn, oats, beans are all naturally gluten and dairy free.
  • All nuts and seeds are gluten and dairy free. 


Are you looking for pantry, brand, and prepared foods that are gluten and dairy free?

 I read all of the labels so you don't have to! Buy the Comprehensive Gluten & Dairy Free Grocery List on Amazon:

Your best practice when buying canned, boxed, or otherwise packaged foods is to choose those with just a few ingredients. The longer the list of ingredients the greater chance you have of getting gluten or dairy included. 

As an example, I like to use 3 ingredients or less as a rule of thumb. Let's say I pick up a can of artichokes. It should only have listed artichokes, vinegar, salt. But if it starts listing more ingredients like the Marinated Artichokes, I put that back and find one that is not marinated; just artichokes. A can of pumpkin should just be pumpkin. Nothing else should be listed on the ingredients list. Frozen broccoli with cheese sauce will have a long list of ingredients. But if you just buy frozen broccoli, then broccoli will be the only ingredient. That is the one you will want to choose to ensure you are choosing gluten and dairy free products.

We all may want to eat as healthy as we can but we can't always make homemade foods from scratch for various reasons:

  • Busy schedules
  • Business trip
  • You get the flu and your child who cannot have gluten and/or dairy needs to fend for themselves for a few days. 
  • Your going to a day long seminar or a camping trip. 
  • We also need some packaged foods to prepare our fresh foods; things like oil, seasonings, vinegar, flour, and more. 

For that reason I created this free list of packaged foods as a reference. See if some of these brands are carried in your local store or order them online.

Here is a free list: 

If you find yourself looking at a product and wondering if the ingredients are gluten and dairy free  I created a list of ingredients you should avoid if you are eating gluten and dairy free. This is a free list you can access here:

Check out some of these gluten and dairy free foods